Pavel Josef Vejvanovský

Born: c. 1633

Died: c. 24th September 1693

Birthplace: Czech Republic

Pavel Josef Vejvanovský was a Czech composer and trumpeter. Vejvanovksy was born in Moravia (Hukvaldy or Hlucin) in either 1633 or 1639. He received an education at the Jesuit university in Opava, where he also began composing. Moravia had been devastated during the Thirty Years War and much of it was in desperate need of rebuilding. The Habsburg authorities appointed the influential and ambitious Karl Leichtenstein-Castelcorno as Prince-Bishop of Olomouc who set about to rebuild much of the region. This included building himself a grand palace in Italian Renaissance style with elaborate gardens in the nearby town of Kromeriz and employing a large group of musicians drawn from throughout Europe to play at his court and churches. In the 1650s the job of running and directing this prestigious ensemble fell to Vejvanovsky, who was regularly singled out for praise by the Bishop.

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