Paul Bliss

  • Born
    25th November 1872
  • Died
    2nd February 1933
  • Birthplace
Philip Paul Bliss jr. was an American organist, composer and music editor. he Father of Philip Paul Bliss (1838-1876) was a famous organist, gospel singer and writer of hymns, many of which are used to this very day. Among them are I Am So Glad, Daniel's Band, More to Follow, Free From the Law, Whosoever Will, Man of Sorrows, Almost Persuaded, I Know Not the Hour, and Meet Me at the Fountain, and his perhaps most famous song Hold the Fort! (1870) which was based on the events of a Civil War battle in October 1864. His hymns were printed either under his own name or the pseudonym Pro Phundo Basso which would lead to the conclusion that he had a very deep bass voice himself. On June 1, 1859 he married Lucy Young (1841-1876) and they had two children.