Matthew Camidge

Born: 1764

Died: 23rd October 1844

Birthplace: England

Matthew Camidge was a well-known local musician in Northern England, famous for his organ playing and conducting oratorios. His compositions are solid in craftsmanship though quite conservative. He was the son of JC1 and Elizabeth Camidge, and the father of JC2. After some time as a chorister of the Chapel Royal under James Nares, Matthew returned to York where he lived the rest of his life. He served as his father's assistant and in 1799 he succeeded his father as organist of York Minster. He played an active part in the musical life of York, appearing as a soloist in piano and organ concertos and promoting music festivals in York Minster. After Matthew retired in 1842, his son, JC2, succeeded him as organist. Matthew married Mary Shaw of York in 1789. They had three sons. One, John, succeeded Matthew on his own retirement, and then passed on the post to his own son. Matthew's other sons took orders, and one of them became canon of York Minster.

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