Matteo Zocarini

Born: fl. 1700

Birthplace: Italy

Matteo Zocarini was an 18th-century composer. He composed several pieces of music for cello and harpsichord ("cembalo" in Italian). This combination of instruments is indicated in the world of music as Basso Continuo. The only evidence of Matteo Zocarini's existence are 6 Concertini for Basso Continuo. These are the only pieces of music known from him. The 6 Concertini are printed by the Amsterdam music publisher Estienne Roger around 1740. Roger had several Italian composers contracted, for instance Arcangelo Corelli. There is a possibility that Zocarini played under the name Zuccharini in Paris in 1737. This is not for sure and it is also doubtful that his name was mentioned inMilan. Zocarini describes himself as an amatore di musica on the front page of his sheet music. The attention in his music goes to the cellist. The cellist has the solos and the accelerated pieces. The music can be best described as "appealing to one's imagination" and "elegant and melodious". The character this music recalls can be compared with Bach's Italian Concert. His pieces are performed regularly.

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