Matías Durango y de los Arcos

Born: 1636

Died: 11th November 1686

Birthplace: Falces, Spain

Matías Durango de los Arcos was a Spanish musician and chapel master. Son of Andrés de Durango and Isabel de los Arcos, started learning music in his childhood in León under Tomás Micieces, with which he moved to Catedral de Santa María de Toledo,where he became chapel master, substituting his master temporarily. In 1666 he worked in Iglesia de Palacio de Logroño as chapel master, and two years later he joined theColegiata de La Redonda, now concatedral, also in Logroño. Of his pieces, the most famous are the Carols, like villancicos Pues mi Dios ha nacido.

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