Martin Zeuner

Born: 1554

Died: 13th December 1619

Birthplace: Germany

Martin Zeuner was a German composer and organist. He was appointed to the collegiate church of St Gumbertus at Ansbach on June 16, 1576 with a yearly salary of 50 florins and remained at this post until his retirement. On June 20, 1610 he was called to play the positive, regals and other instruments at the Brandenburg-Ansbach court; he was entrusted with composing the ceremonial music for the marriage of Margrave Joachim Ernst in 1612. He retired on September 17, 1616 after playing a leading role in the musical life of Ansbach for 40 years. Municipal tax records show that he was involved in several disputes concerning the payment of taxes and his various dealings in wine, and on October 5, 1615 the margrave settled in his favour a quarrel concerning singing and organ playing in which he had become involved with the Konrektor.

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