Luis Foglietti Alberola

Born: 8th October 1877

Died: 25th May 1918

Birthplace: Alicante, Spain

Floglietti Luis Alberola was an Valentian composer of operetta. He studied with his brother Bernardino, and later at the Conservatory of Madrid. He was a precocious composer; at age 11 he had already composed some light pieces and at 16 years old he premiered two operettas in Alicante theaters. Between 1902 and 1905 he was conductor of the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid. Later he was musical director for other theaters, including the Apollo Theater, home of the "Genero Chico". He composed many works in collaboration with Vicente Leon, Apolinar Brull, Artur Saco Valley, Pablo Luna and a long list of other masters. Among its production of Zarzuelas, more than 100 titles, notably its great successes of the El club de las solteras (1909), La pajarera nacional (1909) with more than 500 performances, El capricho de las damas (1915) and Serafin el pinturero o Contra el querer no hay razones (1916).

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