Louis van Waefelghem

Born: 13th January 1840

Died: 19th June 1908

Birthplace: Bruges, Belgium

Louis van Waefelghem was a Belgian violinist, violistand one of the greatest viola d'amore players of the 19th century. He also composed several works and made transcriptions for viola and viola d'amore. Waefelghem was educated at the Athénée Royale in Bruges and then studied violin with Lambert Joseph Meerts at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in Brussels. After finding success as a violinist in Germany and at the Opera House in Budapest, he moved to Paris in 1863 to pursue a career as a performer on viola and viola d'amore. He played in the orchestra of the Paris Opera in 1868 and also in the Pasdeloup Orchestra.

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