Jørgen Bentzon

Born: 14th February 1897

Died: 9th July 1951

Birthplace: Kopenhagen, Denmark

Jørgen Liebenberg Bentzon () was a Danish composer, cousin of Danish composer Niels Viggo Bentzon and flautist Johan Bentzon. He was a student of Carl Nielsen from 1915 until 1919.His works include six works entitled Racconto, the first for flute, alto saxophone, bassoon and double bass, the second for flute and string trio, the third of which is for woodwind trio, etc.; a Sinfonia Buffo Op. 35 and two symphonies (the first, Op. 37, inspired by Charles Dickens); a piano concerto (recorded on private tape); "Three expressive sketches" for violin and cello; a string quartet; an opera Saturnalia; and other works.

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