Josef Fahrbach

Born: 25th August 1804

Died: 6th June 1883

Birthplace: Vienna, Austria

Joseph Fahrbach was a musician. The brother of Anton Fahrbach, Friedrich and Philipp Fahrbach Fahrbach the Elder. He was between 1841-1848 military bandmaster, then clerk for Archduchess Sophie, Between 1857-1867 was flute and guitar virtuoso of the court orchestra of the Court Opera. Lastly, he owned his own music school. He wrote flute concertos and opera fantasies, published writings about of military music, and textbooks for woodwind and brass instruments, including the books Latest Wienerflöte School (1835) Latest Wiener Fagottschule (1841) Latest Wiener Clarinettenschule (1841) and Organisatione della musica militare austriaca (1846).

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