John Tiplady Carrodus

Born: 20th January 1836

Died: 13th July 1895

Birthplace: Keighley, in Yorkshire, England

John Tiplady Carrodus was an English violinist. He made his first appearance as a violinist at the age of nine, and had the advantage of studying between the ages of twelve and eighteen at Stuttgart, with Bernhard Molique. On his return to England in 1853 Costa got him engagements in the leading orchestras. He was a member of the Covent Garden opera orchestra from 1855, made his debut as a solo player at a concert given on 22 April 1863 by the Musical Society of London, and succeeded Prosper Sainton as leader at Covent Garden in 1869. He died at Hampstead on 13 July 1895. For many years he had led the Philharmonic orchestra and those of the great provincial festivals. The coveted Carrodus violin, made by Italian luthier Guarneri Del Gesu in 1743, was said to have belonged to Carrodus. He published two violin solos and a Morceau de salon, and was a very successful teacher.

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