Jean-Baptiste Cardonne

Born: 26th June 1730

Died: c. August 1792

Birthplace: Versailles, France

Jean-Baptiste Cardonne was a French composer, singer and harpsichordist. Cardonne was born at Versailles, where his father was a member of the royal household. He became a royal page, but his musical talents were soon noticed and he received tuition from the composer Colin de Blamont. In 1745 he joined the choir of the royal chapel, where he also played the harpsichord. His first operatic piece, Amaryllis, premiered in 1752. Cardonne continued to enjoy the patronage of the royal family, writing harpsichord and vocal music for them. From 1768, he tried to establish a career as an opera composer. His lack of success led to his return to the court, where he becamemaître de la musique du roi (master of the King's music) in 1780. Nothing is known about Cardonne's life after the fall of King Louis XVI during the French Revolution in September 1792.

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