Hermann Finzenhagen

Born: 6th January 1825

Died: 14th November 1914

Birthplace: Magdeburg, Germany

Hermann Finzenhagen was a German organist, conductor, composer and Royal music director. His father, Frederick F. was a teacher in Magdeburg. F. visited the Royal Protestant teacher training college in Magdeburg in 1849 and was teacher at the High School for Girls. Since the end of 1851 F. was employed as organist at the Jacobi Church in Magdeburg. In 1861 he founded the F.schen glee club, a mixed choir that sung in the"People's Concerts" in which F. with free admission shown his own and others' works. In 1881 he was awarded the title of Royal Music Director, in his 50th service anniversary, he received the Order of the Crown. His son, Louis F. was also organist.

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