Genaro Codina

Born: 10th September 1852

Died: 15th November 1901

Birthplace: Zacatecas, Mexico

Genaro Codina was a Mexican composer. Genaro Codinas parents encouraged his early talent and sent him to a private music school. He was taught there by Luis Galindo. He mastered various instruments, but the harp was his favorite instrument. Within his hometown he became later known, however as an expert on fireworks more than as an artist. In 1887, as Genaro Codina was employed by the local bank, he wrote a march for the Mexican President Porfirio Diaz, who decided hire him as an accountant in the provincial government. Very little is known about the artistic career and the activities of Codina. It is known that he composed many marches and dances, and in later years even the Orquestra Tipica Zacatecana went on concert tours to Mexico City and in the USA with him. Codina was honored after his death.

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