Florián Zajíc

Born: 4th May 1853

Died: 17th May 1926

Birthplace: Bohmen, Austria

Florian Zajic, a noted Czech violinist and music prodigy, was born May 4 1853 in Unhost, Bohmen and died May 17, 1926 in Berlin. He was was born to impoverished parents in Bohmen, but with the help of scholarships over a period of eight years, he was able to study violin with Moritz Mildner and Antonin Bennewitz at the Prager Conservatory. He was the first member of the Augsburger Theatre Orchestra and later became a concert master in Mannheim, Strasbourg (1881) and Hamburg (1889), where he taught Paul Dessau. In 1891, Zajic taught with Émile Sauret as a violinlist at the Stern Conservatory in Berlin, and was later appointed a professor with the DNB.

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