Eusebio Dworzak von Walden

Born: 1850

Died: 1905

Birthplace: Austria? Romania?

Eusebio Dworzak von Walden was an Austrian-Italian violinist and music teacher. Son of the Austrian consul in Patras. He studied at Delphi Malaria. He graduated from the Leipzig Conservatory, where he laer taught. Then moved to Naples, where he spend the rest of his life as head of the department of violin and viola at the Conservatory of San Pietro a Maiella,; among his pupils, in particular, were Gaetano Fuselli, Alfredo and Luigi D'Ambrosio. He directed a string quartet. Published the book "Violin, or analysis of its mechanism" (ital. Il violino, ossia analisi del suo meccanismo; 1883-1884) and the brochure "Visit of Abbe Liszt to a circle amateurs: an anecdotal story" (ital. Visita dell'abate Liszt ad un circolo di dilettanti: racconto aneddotico; 1887).

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