Emil von Reznicek

Born: 4th May 1860

Died: 2nd August 1945

Birthplace: Vienna, Austria

Emil Nikolaus Joseph, Freiherr von Reznicek was an Austrian composer of Czech ancestry. Today, Reznicek is mainly remembered for the overture to his 1894 opera Donna Diana, a popular stand-alone piece at symphonic concerts, which served as the theme for the 'Yukon' American radio and TV Series (1947–1955, 1955-1958). It was also used in the 1950s on the BBC's Children's Hour by Stephen King-Hall for his talks on current affairs. Reznicek composed five symphonies orchestral works, suites, serenades, overtures, a violin concerto, several operas, and chamber music. The first of his four string quartets (1921) received its world premiere recording from the Franz Schubert Quartet of Vienna in 1996.

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