Emanuel Aguilar

Born: 23rd August 1824

Died: 13th February 1904

Birthplace: Clapton, Hackney, London

Emanuel Abraham Aguilar received his musical education in piano performance and composition in Frankfurt. Aguilar returned to London in 1848 to begin his teaching career, but continued to give regular concerts of classical repertoire. His corpus includes two operas, three symphonies, three cantatas and a number of chamber music and solo piano works. Aguilar is most known for his notation and arrangement of the Sephardic Liturgical music of Amsterdam as sung by Aaron David de Sola. The Ancient Melodies of the Liturgy of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews was published in 1857 as a result of close work with de Sola and the Spanish-Portuguese synagogue of Bevis Marks in London.

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