Domenico Dal Pane

Born: c. 1625

Died: 10th December 1694

Birthplace: Rome, Italy

Domenico Dal Pane was an Italian composer. He was one of the best known soprano castratos of the late 1650s. He entered the Sistine Chapel in 1654 (maestro di cappella 1669-79). As a composer he was rooted in the Palestrina tradition, writing a cappella music for the papal chapel; but his experience of virtuoso singing is evident in his handling of concerted works, especially the Sagri concerti(1675), in which the balance between expressiveness and virtuosity and the precise declamation of the text are noteworthy. His two books of five-part madrigals (1652, 1678) show the survival of the polyphonic madrigal well into the 17th century.

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