Christian Ludwig Dieter

Born: 13th June 1757

Died: 15th May 1822

Birthplace: Ludwigsburg, Germany

Christian Ludwig Dieter was a Violinist and court musician in Stuttgart. In addition to several church cantatas Dieter wrote numerous musical comedies for the Stuttgart Court Theatre. "Sa musique à Joui de quelque réputation en Allemagne," we read in Fétis "Universal Biography" (1866 Paris). His most famous work is a setting of "Belmont and Constanze, or: The Abduction from the Seraglio" (libretto by CFBretzner, Leipzig 1781 composed 1784). The work provides an interesting comparison with the setting by W A Mozart. The WLB has the largest part of the manuscript composition of Dieter, the original manuscript of "Belmont and Constanze" is, however, now in the National Library of Mecklenburg Schwerin.

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