Carl Friedrich Ebers

  • Born
    25th March 1770
  • Died
    19th September 1836
  • Birthplace
    Cassel, duchy of Hesse, Germany
Carl Friedrich Ebers was a German composer and conductor. He belonged to a band Prussian artillery regiment and held the conducting of a company of traveling comedians, and then was composer of the chamber of Mecklenburg-Schwerin Prince (1797). Married and divorced soon after, he returned to lead an adventurous life, being a conductor in Perth, Magdeburg (1822), and later in Leipzig. His works include these operas: Bella et Fernando;The Ermite Formentera;From Blumeninsel;Der Lichtscompass.And several songs with piano accompaniment, rondós, sonatas, pieces for four hands, waltzes, variations, symphonies, trios, polkas, etc.

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