Antônio Martiniano da Silva Bemfica

Born: 1845

Died: 1904

Birthplace: Aiuruoca, Minas Gerais, Brasil

The Knight of the Rose, Major Antonio Silva Martiniano Bemfica, was a musician. He was born in the small town of Aiuruoca around 1840. His exact birth date is uncertain. Also there is no record in the local registry of his death, but it is known that occured in 1904. son of Captain Jose da Silva and D. Bemfica Marianna Carolina Ferreira. In Aiuruoca chaired the Municipal and Notary Chamber. He was married to Dona Adelaide Alexandrina de Souza. Bemfica composed his first works in his childhood. Ave Maris Stella one was found when it was still young. The other compositions date back to about 1880 onwards.

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