Antoine Elwart

Born: 19th November 1808

Died: 14th October 1877

Birthplace: Paris, France

Antoine-Aimable-Elie Elwart was a French musicologist and composer. In 1825, the Cambon singer performs a scene from Elwart on the grounds of the Exiled. Especially this year marks its entry into the Royal School of Music (later the Paris Conservatory) in counterpoint class, harmony and fugue and composition. His teachers were François-Joseph Fétis, Jean-François Lesueur, Berlioz. Elwart won the first prize for fugue in 1830. In 1835, he played a new Mass the day of St. Cecilia. He entered the Grand Prix de Rome in 1831 with the cantata The Flight of Bianca Capello but won the second prize.

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