Antoine Bruyant

Born: fl. 1829

Died: fl. 1892

Birthplace: unknown

Two of the three? known/turned-up-so-far works (the Hugot arrangement and the "Transcriptions p. Cor anglais av. Piano (ou Orgue)." published by Richault in 1882 are transcriptions/arrangements, not original compositions (one believes?) -- However, a fantaisie originale for oboe and piano by him was published in Paris ca.1873 and an "Ave Maria" of his for mezzo, organ (or piano), with violin obbligato, was published ca.1892 (possibly a reprint, though said to be new in the notice in November 1, 1892, Musical Times- which doesn't really signify, true.) Pupil of Gustave Vogt according to the 1889 biography entry thereof. When he received an award in 1885, the Musikalisches Wochenblatt described him (Bruyant) as an oboist at the Opéra-Comique (Komischen Oper).

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