Alexander Julius Paul Dorn

Born: 8th June 1833

Died: 27th November 1901

Birthplace: Riga, Letonia

Alexander Julius Paul Dorn was a German composer, choral conductor and music educator. Alexander Dorn was a son of the famous composer Heinrich Dorn and brother of Otto Dorn. He was trained by his father and then by a private music teacher in Poland, but had to for health reasons to move Egypt, where he worked as a conductor German male choirs in Cairo and later in Alexandria. Since 1865 he was conductor of the Choral Society in Krefeld. In 1869, he became a piano teacher at the Hochschule für Musik Berlin. He left numerous, now mostly forgotten works, including a number of etudes and lighter pieces for piano students, but also piano concertos (unpublished), works for piano, operettas for female voices, pieces for male chorus and orchestra, the choral work "The Flower revenge" for soloists , chorus and orchestra, as well as some songs.

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