Adam Wroński

Born: c. 1851

Died: 17th December 1915

Birthplace: Poland

Adam Wroński was a Polish violinist, conductor, composer, pedagogue and music activist. He initially studied violin, piano and theory of music at the Music School of the Imperial and Royal Technical Institute in his home city of Kraków, and subsequently at the Vienna Conservatoire. As a professional violinist, during his army service he found his way into the 70th Vienna Infantry Regiment orchestra, led by Michał Zimmermann, from whom he learnt the art of instrumentation. It was here that he enjoyed his first artistic successes – he was quickly promoted to assistant bandmaster and, in 1867, the ensemble under his baton won first prize at the Exposition Universelle in Paris. He subsequently became head of the 40th Kraków Infantry Regiment military orchestra and over several years, after many efforts, he expanded to a full symphony line-up.

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