Gerard Francis Cobb

Gerard Francis Cobb ورقة الموسيقى

  • مولود: 15th أكتوبر 1838
  • مات: 31st مارس 1904
  • مسقط الرأس: Nettlestead (near Maidstone), Kent, England

Gerard Francis Cobb was the youngest of five children of the Reverend William Francis Cobb (1795-1862) He was a fine organist, and gave occasional recitals at Trinity (20). His writings include a history of the organ (21) and an account of the choir (22) which, apparently, he also trained (23). He was, too, the University’s representative on municipal affairs and produced pamphlets on rather more mundane matters than were normally dealt with in "the olive-grove of Academe" (24).

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