Schubert Piano Sonata no. 7 in E-flat major, D. 568

The Piano sonata in E flat major, D. 568 by Franz Schubert is a sonata for solo piano. It is a transposition, revision, and completion of the Sonata in D flat major D. 567. The D-flat major version was composed in June 1817, while the E-flat major revision and completion, published in 1829 after Schubert's death as Op. posth. 122, dates from sometime around 1826.
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I. Allegro moderato
تشغيلإيقاف مؤقت
II. Andante molto
تشغيلإيقاف مؤقت
III. Menuetto Allegretto
تشغيلإيقاف مؤقت
IV. Allegro moderato
تشغيلإيقاف مؤقت



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